In addition to the traditional phases of design (programming, schematic design, design development, construction documents, bid and negotiation, and construction administration), we have established standard practices that help ensure a high quality design solution.

Get involved early:
Early involvement by Shaw Hofstra +Associates results in a clear understanding of the design concept and the owner's expectations. Early commitment enables us to coordinate the services of the various consultants in a manner that is consistent with the concept and with the schedule.
Define the "Scope of Services":
Listening to the client and communicating what we hear is our strongest asset. We use the information from our early meetings with the client to develop a "Scope of Services" that delineates the steps we will take to meet the client's goals and complete the project.
Coordinate the Consultants:
After scope and schedule are established, the challenge is to adhere to the owner's expectations. We hold regularly scheduled meetings with the owner and the consultant team to ensure that all parties have the information required. Thus decisions, details, or changes that affect one team member are understood by all, thereby avoiding potential conflicts.
Identify Concerns or Conflicts:
The translation of a concept into construction documents, even in the best of circumstances, will expose conflicts or need for interpretation. The early identification of areas of concern and their timely resolution is imperative. A part of the responsibility that SH+A brings to the project is to provide the review and response to questions before they become problems.
Check and Review:
Shaw Hofstra has a policy of building into the project schedule sufficient time to check and coordinate our consultant's drawings along with our own. Our Quality Assurance review is a dedicated activity that helps eliminate inconsistencies and conflicts prior to bidding and construction.