About us:
SH+A's projects have ranged from $12 million of new construction to very modest remodeling efforts. Those same projects also vary from those that are filled with richly detailed specialty elements in wood, masonry, and steel to projects in which the definition of space was accomplished with the most cost-effective of materials.

We believe that good design is based on good communication. We pride ourselves on listening carefully to clients and to understanding their circumstances, expectations and budgets. We then use our knowledge and technical expertise to translate this information into design that works. The project that results meets the clients special needs and balances quality, aesthetics, and function.

Shaw Hofstra + Associates currently consists of about a dozen architects and interior designers. For each project, the firm's principal, Craig Shaw, is assisted by a project designer and appropriate staff, creating a team that participates fully in the programming, planning, design, and implementation of our client's projects. In addition, each staff member is aware of each project's status and is available to assist with any project if necessary.

The environment at SH+A is that of a studio. It is open space, friendly to conversation among all architects and designers. Open communication and a staff with diverse talents enriches the design process by making use of each person's special expertise.